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One article I'm reading starts with an unexpected declaration of gratitude on behalf of the author thankful of doing “the most beautiful job in the world”.

Why such a sudden burst of enthusiasm for being a journalist? The answers is: “you're going to encounter a lot of intriguing personalities worldwide”.

Cristina and Boss Hog drummer Hollis Queen performing in the Whiteout video

Of course he's going to interview Cristina Martinez.

“Do you think it's easy to find young attractive women which write great song, sing in a rock band, are endowed with brightness, kindness and sense of humor, are not afraid to declare their love for sex and can recall by heart the first twenty bands which played for Dischord?”

Another reference to miss Martinez on behalf of another fallen-in-love journalist.
Just in case, Dischord was a punk-label of Washington DC. You really don't have to worry if you never heard of it.

So Cristina seems to have charmed most of her interviewers. But they are not the only ones to knee in front of her fascination.
In 1995 was released the second album of Boss Hog a band leaded by Cristina Martinez as the main vocalist.

It was a landmark.

Another shot from the video

That album, which was named “Boss Hog” as for the band, is still worth to remember. The masterpiece of Cristina Martinez and her companion in life and in music Jon Spencer.

Both were survivors of the disgregation of the gang of misfits revolving around Pussy Galore, the hard-core punk band that stormed New York club scene in the late '80.
Five year are passed after that historic event – five years of silence –.
Cristina turned to her private life and had a baby. Meanwhile Mr. Spencer spent most of time time carrying on it's own projects with the John Spencer Blues Explosion band.
But now it's over. Boss Hog are back with a new album Whiteout, a new sexy video and a new pop attitude.

More pop less punk. Still Cristina tremendous charisma remains unchanged.

Cristina/Boss Hog Bio

Here you can learn about Cristina from the origin at Washington DC where the fatal encounter with Join Spencer took place through the wild extremes of Pussy Galore up to the creation of Boss Hog.

Guess what? Anotherd shot from the video


A review of Boss Hog discographic producion.


Here Cristina's pictures: with Boss Hog / with Jon Spencer/ alone. Some are small but some are quite huge.


Boss Hog are essentially a live band. They do their best on stage. If you miss their show here you can find what was happening in Milan the 28th of april 2000, a bit after nightfall (with live pictures!).


A collection of Cristina's interviews.

Jon Spencer

Apart for beeing Cristina's partner this guy is even blessed with a tremendus talent (expecialy in tearing to pieces whatever musical convention). Jon Spencer definetely deserves some attention which is duly given here.


News about Cristina whereabouts, as well as this site What's New section. All updates are duly reported here.
Last update: 26th October. (New pictures)


Wanna know more? Here some links to further explore the Martinez/Spencer malevolous activities.



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