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Talk about Jon Spencer

PLAY the Blues, PUNK!

"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, please put your hands together for the only living link between the Mississippi blues, the hip-hop of the Wu-Tang Clan and the bizarrerie of "Wierd Al" Yankovic... Mr. Jon Spencer".
Rollingstone Magazine.

Isn't Cristina a beautiful, and charming woman? But her husband too — damned Jon Spencer! — is out of ordinary.

Jon Spencer first met the blues in western New Hampshire, where he grew up... In 1985, Spencer dropped out of Brown University and started Pussy Galore, a group that sounded like the punk house band for a sixties horror film.

Jon Spencer obtained wide notoriety with the foundation, after the collapse of Pussy Galore, of a band of inspired freaks he dared to baptize by his own name: Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.


Jon Spencer

The JSBE is a critically acclaimed three members band that blends good old rock n' roll, the blues, r&b, and punk music into an explosion of sonic madness (as the name may sugest).
The sick trio is comprised by guitarist Judah Bauer, and drummer Russell Simins plus Jon Spencer as frontman.. They have 5 albums out, 3 of which are on the great Matador records.
They've worked with many great artists such as Beck, the Beastie Boys, R.L. Burnside, the Wu-Tang clan, Moby, and who can forget "wierd Al" Yankovic.

JSBE reconized masterpiece is the album Orange. From the album Acme comes one song which is absolutely worth to remember: the killer-track Talk About the Blues.
The "Blues" comes out of that legendary track violated and devastated by Jon iconoclastic rage.

Notable was also the video which featured Winona Ryder singing in Jon Spencer's place.

Jon Spencer and
Julie Cafritz

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