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Boss Hog Discography


Boss Hog actually are:

Cristina Martinez: vocals

Jon Spencer: guitar/ vocals

Jens Jurgensen: bass guitar

Hollis Queen: drums/ vocals

Marc Boyce: keyboards


The first Boss Hog's formation (as described in the Bio) was extremely fluid.

Before the final consolidation the band Boss Hog released some EP for the trendy "noise" label Amphetamine Reptile. They were:

Drinkin' Lechin' & Lyin' 1989

Cold Hands 1990

After the release of Cold Hands, Jon formed the Blues Explosion, amd the Boss Hog were forced in the backburner for a while.
They came back in 1993 with:

Girl Positive (Girl+) 1993.

This CD was the Boss Hog turning point.
Only Martinez and Spencer remained from the original lineup, with Jens Jürgensen assuming bass duties and Hollis Queens joining on drums.

"Girl Positive" was critically acclaimed and the band felt that it had begun to distance itself from the endless parade of "Amphetamine-Reptile-type" bands then in vogue.
In addition, Boss Hog began to shift away from its earlier, in-your-face "sexploitation" aesthetic towards a smoother, more "glamorous" approach. Thanks in part to a mini-tour in support, the CD sold many, many copies.
This success in indie circles ended up in a deal with major. The band left Amphetamine Reptile Records and signed with Geffen company.

It's 1995. We step into Boss Hog's self-titled masterpiece:

Boss Hog 1995.

It was: "A briliant attempt to relive Rock&Roll's coarse roots".
Boss Hog's first release on Geffen's DGC label, produced and mixed with the enigmatic Steve Fisk, represents another massive step forward for the band. Boss Hog cavorts through a dizzying range of musical and lyrical styles. While still based in the "classic" catatonic-sex-zombie-gone-bad Boss Hog style, the new album mixes in punk rock anthemics, soulful croonings, funky "boing-boing" numbers and a neo-Gothic fear piece ("Texas"). Songs about love and relationships are peppered with handfuls of angst and anomie--and an episode of cat vomiting.



Drinkin' Lechin' & Lyin'

Boss Hog


Little was heard from Cristina and his band throughout the remainder of the decade. Anyway the Spencer's family grew up with the birth of Charles Edward Spencer.
Boss Hog were to resurface in early 2000 with:

Whiteout 2000

Whiteout displays two main changement. First, the Boss Hog have left Geffen to return working with a indie label (In the red).
Second and most importantly, a keyboard is added to the band's lineup. Marc Boyce was recruited by Martinez with the objective to give Boss Hog's sound a funky touch. Compared with the previous production, Whiteout represent a switch in Boss Hog style toward a more sunny and positive attitude.




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