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Boss Hog Live in Milan

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29 Kb

It's 28 April, Saturday evening.

18:00 Our train stops at Milan's Central station.
After an uneventful voyage me and a friend (ciao Andrea!) of mine finally disembark. We check the location of the Rolling Stones theater, where Boss Hog are scheduled to perform. I've bought a throwaway camera to shoot some pictures of the events for the Internet home page I'm planning to dedicate to Cristina (the future Cristina Martinez Worship Site).

My real plan, of course, is to find Cristina, talk to her for hours with the excuse of the home page, and seduce her.

About 19:30 Just outside Rolling Stones Theater.
A guy in leather jacket cross the street in front of us. He's carrying a little baby on his back.

"Hum... that creepy face reminds me of someone".
The light turns green, we cross. Wait, that's Jon Spencer! And that's Jon-Cristina's son! "Hey, Jon!".

My brain tells me: "If Spencer (Junior and Senior) are here Cristina must be near".

20:30 Inside.
Cristina appears briefly. She's carrying some bags (gone shopping?).
A crowd suddenly forms around her and she's forced backstage.

The support band, the Brassy, begins to play. They are cute and they try their best to win our attention but at the end they seem to be rather upset, perhaps pretending too much from a distracted audience.

21:30 Cristina rides in
Boss Hog enters on stage. Like a panther SHE walks in, her body covered in black leather. Crowd goes wild.

29 KbThere is one thing for sure that stroke everyone in the audience. Cristina's huge smile. OK, she's gorgeous. But still that warm smile is definitely special. Strangely combines perfectly with Cristina's I'm-going-kill-you-right-now attitude.

Cristina dashing
Soon the panther begins jumping on front line audience, where we are. She shakes hands, caress people, people caress her.
This coming and going is good to me since lets me take some nice close shoots.

Suddenly my companion is (willingly) caught in Cristina's crusher-like handshake.
She stay in front of us. She keeps singing her body shaking, crushing my friend's hand.
People touches her hair. I take picture.


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The audience is equally divided between boys and girls, both charmed by Cristina charisma. She display unbelievable easiness in performing on stage and playing with the audience. There is also a good amount of consciously displayed sex-appeal.81 Kb

The third and last time Boss Hog enter on stage Cristina takes off his shirt and performs wearing only Jon's jacket. The boys (and, I think, some of the girl) go crazy.


Close to midnight the Show is over
Tired but happy we are going to leave the place but the night reserves us a last gift. Turning a passageway we find ourselves face to face with Cristina. She reveals to be quite a friendly person, not afraid to give confidence to possessive and obnoxious fans (let's face it).
I tell her of the picture I've taken. She ask me to send her some and handles me her homepage adress (Cristina! Put an e-mail on your site).

On the way back we take the night train to Rome. A bunch of nazi-skin is in the same compartment. They behave nervously because they are without tickets.
Those guy came from the lowest ranks of the social ladder. Maybe they never had a chance to listen the hard-core-noise-punk scene of New York City..



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