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Cristina & Hollis

Cristina speaks!
Here some excerpt from Cristina's interview.

This is from H-tiler, a San Francisco Magazine.
It was made on the 9-28-95
, after the "Boss Hog" album.

Do you watch television?

What kind of shows do you watch?
I watch anything that has to do with Star Trek. I watch Seinfeld and the Simpsons and Entertainment Tonight. I don't have cable...I'm easily addicted to tv. I like it. It's an easy escape for me.

What did you think of the Simpson's season opener?

You know, the one where it turns out Maggie shot the old guy.
Oh man. You totally just gave it away for me. I haven't seen it yet.

I'm so sorry! I thought you would have already seen it. I'm sorry.
That's so funny. Man. I can't watch tv regularly because of rehearsal or touring or things like that . Mostly the shows I see are re-runs. Rarely the first time around. I have to rely on syndication.

Are you aware of how many guys are crazy about you?
No. Call me and tell me though. It gives me an ego boost.
That's nice, but I really don't run into those people. In New York city, no one gives a fuck about who you are, so I operate under the assumption that no one knows who I am. It's nice to hear that though. No body ever approaches me at shows or anything.

Well, they're probably scared to death of you.
Is that a good thing? Sometimes an interviewer will ask me about it, but it's not really the case. One time I did have this male stalker. This guy sent me like 3 letters a day for like 3 months. One day it just ended in this violent letter where he threatened to kill me. And that was the end of that.

How do you stay sane on tour?

We've never toured extensively with Boss Hog. Like a week, a week and a half. Little spurts here and there. We did a west coast tour, a Texas tour, a tour of the Midwest. What happens within about 2 days, you start to hate everybody. You can't stand the sight of anyone. Anyone speaking is really annoying to me. But you get over it and it's smooth sailing. It's like delirium but the first 2 or 3 days are hell. This fall we're touring for 5 1/2 weeks and I can't imagine it would be so rosy for 5 1/2 weeks... I'm renting 2 vans. So I can escape from anyone who really annoys me.

So you are driving yourselves? No big fringe benefits?
Of course. I like to drive so part of the fun of touring is getting to drive. Getting really tired, playing, driving...I'm still into working. I don't need a cush bus yet.

So you're not rock stars yet?

Did you really work in a Haggen-Daaz store with Henry Rollins? What is your favorite flavor of ice cream??
It's totally untrue that I worked at Haggen-Daaz with him. I did go to the Haggen-Daaz. It was a legitimate punk rock hang out in Washington d.c. & I would go there on a daily basis. Who wrote the bio was a friend of mine and he knew it to be a punk rock hang out. He was trying to make legends of us because we're all so terribly boring. I used to go there every day and order mocha chip with jimmies.

Do you work out or have a personal trainer?
As if. No I don't... I have a lot of sex.

Are you registered to vote?

Will you vote for Perot or Colin Powell?

How long have you been with Jon?
It will be 10 years this December.

That's impressive. Does he do things like dishes? Like regular guy stuff when you live with a guy?
Jon's the only I've ever lived with and certainly for this long, so I don't know if it's standard. Speaking with other women, it seems the same issues come up a lot. Varying degrees of neatness. Jon and I are both pretty anal, so it works out well. I'm a lot neater than he is, but he's pretty neat, so I don't have any complaints that way. He takes out the cat can you beat that?

How are you 2 with closet space? Does he get like 3 or 4 inches of the closet and you get the rest?

No way. He's got more clothes than I do. I've got more shoes than he has, but he has tons more clothes.

Do you consider yourself a role model at all?

I hope not. I don't think anyone should fuck up as bad as I have. I hope people aspire do something higher than things that I do. I feel like I'm still doing things that I want to do . A lot of what I do is very selfish. I don't recommend it for everyone. You've got to do your own thing.

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The interviewer, a girl called Darby, seems to be intimate of Cristina.
The result is a friendly chat about breasts, Jon Spencer softness, plans for the future and a tumor (benign).

I'm probably one of the few people who haven't seen your...

...album covers. I imagine from your personality that they're more hard and perky.
Well, they're pretty perky. You know, I don't have a lot of breasts. I've got nice sized breasts.
They're not hard, they're soft.

Yeah, but I suppose when they get past a certain point they'll get softer.
I'm not looking forward to that point.

Is your relationship soft or...
It's kinda personal. I just had to say that.

Is it also balanced with the soft and hard edges?
Um, yes. Well, you know, it's a pretty tumultuous relationship. It's got both. It's got everything.

What is the balance like. I mean you seem hard on the outside and soft inside. What is he?
The same thing I would think. I think it's what really makes you attracted to anyone. I mean, it's pretty narcissistic. It's just because they're like yourself, and you recognize yourself in them. So I think why we're attracted to each other is probably because we're exactly the same.

His soft and fluffy is buried a lot deeper than mine I think.

To me he seems softer on the outside, and harder on the inside in a way.
He's a very polite person. It's layered. He's very polite and anything more than polite he won't be. And then, once you get to know him real well he's a very warm, sweet nice person.

Does he like soft & fluffy breasts?
He likes my breasts.

What does Jon refer to them as? Boobies? Titties?
Ah no no no. Both of those are atrocious.


What do you call them?
Tits, yeah. Or you know when I'm talking about myself in mixed company I'll say breasts. Usually I just say tits. I don't really say it that often!

And what are you?
I'm half Spanish and half Cuban. My dad is Cuban and my mother is Spanish.

Oh, whatta mix. Are you going to have kids?
Yeah, I hope to. I don't have an official due date, but I hope to. I'm 28 now, so maybe in a couple years, before it becomes an immediate thing. I don't want my life to stop. I'd like to continue with Boss Hog for a while, I'd like to handle it like Kim and Thurston did, but that means you'd have to have a lot more money than I do now.

So you're making a conscious effort? To make money so that can happen?
Not just that, rock and roll is a pretty transient thing right now, you need to put yourself in the position where you don't have to worry about the future. My family is by no means rich, but I have this money-making ethic ingrained in me. I'm conscious of the fact I want to take care of myself for the rest of my life. [...] I want to make sure I'm financially stable, not just for the children, but also for the sake of living. I don't want to end up as a waitress in Denny's for the rest of my life. Although I have nothing against that, it's not my idea of what I'd like to be doing at that age.

It would be a drag to still have those same petty financial concerns.
The luxury of money is an amazing thing, those who have a lot of it are less concerned about it, where those who have less of it are more concerned with it. [...]
I don't have a problem spending money, I have a problem with making enough money to spend on what I want. I'm not frugal, I just want the cash flow to always be there.

Do you have a controlling nature?
Oh definitely. Being the youngest in the family where everything was out of my control, I really needed to take control of something. I wanted to be the decision-maker.

I can see where it's probably a good thing especially now when the band's getting bigger.
Absolutely, only when it gets so big that I can't do it and enjoy myself will I stop. At this point it's still manageable.

Next is a masseuse.
I can't imagine touring without getting massaged.
I have chu-ka, it's deep tissue massage. It's painful, but it really works it out.

Good massage is more worthwhile than sex in a lot of ways.
Really? Well it hasn't done that for me. Sex is the best muscle relaxant for me, better than any pill. It's the best thing for my cramps. I can take eight Advil and it doesn't come close to having sex.

I read the interview in Alternative Press where you said something about a tumor. Is this a symbolic thing or...?
No, I really do have a tumor. It's completely benign, it's a thyroid tumor and it's pretty common in women who are about 40, but not in people my age. I think it's because I took the pill before, and now I don't. Women are likely to get them when they're pregnant, it's a hormonal surge-thing that creates this fibrous tissue and it's in my uterus. So when I'm on my period, what happens is your uterus contracts and cuts off the main blood flow coming into it, and if there's a tumor there, it can't cramp properly to close the line so it remains open and you lose about twice as much blood. So you become anemic, but I take a lot of iron supplements daily.

Is there anything you can do to break that down?
You can have it removed, but that might create scar tissue, which may make it more difficult to get pregnant. So since I'd like to do that one day, I'm living with it, hopefully then when I have a baby, I can remove it then. Then there's also the chance since I have the tumor, it will be harder for me to get pregnant because it'll be harder for the egg to attach itself to the wall. Right now, though, all I deal with is heavy flow periods, it's a drag is what it is.

Is it some thing that even though it's benign, it can grow?
Absolutely, here I'll draw it for you... There are different kinds. There's the mushroomy kind, that grow into your uterus, and there's the ones that are really bad that grow in-between the lining and inner layer. Those are bad. This one is really easy because you can lance them and take them out

Isn't it strange how something so small...
Can cause so much pain? Yes it is. It's like fucking Texas.

Is this something that happened a while ago?
I've had it about four years.

The pill is pretty evil.
Yeah it is. I think it's about ignorance. It's presented as this wonder drug that will keep you from getting pregnant, which is a good thing because I didn't want to get pregnant. There are other methods, but I think it was the best thing at the time because otherwise I probably would've been pregnant a lot. I mean for me sex is such a big thing, there's no way I was gonna stop to roll on a condom, or put in a diaphragm, so it was really the best thing for me at the time.

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